Cable making machines

  • Drawing machines

The slip drawing machines and wire pro­duction lines are suitable mainly for the manufacturing of copper and fine size steel wires

  • Driven pay-off devices

The range of driven-braked pay-off devices with motorized wire-tension control suitable for high level wire pay-off function is a solution specially offered for use with stranding – bunching machines accommodating with drums of 250-1400 mm flange diameter for paying-off bundle of multi-wire or single wire.

  • Bunching machines

Models using take-up drums of 250 – 630 mm flange diameter are suitable for bunching uninsulated (bare) or tinned wires, while models using take-up drums of 1000 – 1250 mm flange diameter are suitable for bunching rubber – or plastic – insulated core wires.

  • Other

For use in the wire and cable industry we manufacture various non-series machines, auxiliary and ancillary equip­ment. The assortment include wire poin­ters and thread-up devices, steam gene­rators, feed units for cooling and filtering drawing emulsion, various pay-offs, spools, drums etc.