Machine tools

  • Hydraulic press brakes

Available as models of enclosed or C-frame design for producing high-strength steel plate profiles. By applying proper tooling (dies) they can be made suitable for performing other operations too, like cutting, punching, straigh­tening and deep drawing of sheet metals.

  • Plate shears

They are available in several sizes as mechanical and hydraulic models for cut­ting and shearing sheet metals with sing­le or continuous cycles. The frame of the shears is a welded structure.

  • Eccentric presses

Eccentric presses are used for stamping, punching and deep drawing sheet metals. The models DKS…A1 have cast-iron frame structure which – in order to facilitate easy removal of workpiece and scrap – can be inclined to 15° and 30° backwards from the vertical.

  • Counterblow hammers

The counterblow hammers available in several sizes with capacities of 30 to 400 kJ are designed for producing die forgings of a few to 240 kilograms weight from malleable alloyed or unalloyed steel or light metal.